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This is about me and my twins - "the Peas" - and what we get up to.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I might have known when I distractedly handed Finn the shampoo while doing my make-up that a speriment was afoot. A speriment is similar to an experiment in that it involves mixing different substances. However, unlike an experiment, a speriment serves no scientific purpose, other than to test the nerves of whichever hapless adult happens to be in the vicinity. We have guests coming later, who will be intrigued by the large jar of blueish green liquid taking pride of place on the dining table, and who - if they're lucky - may be offered a taste of the ghoulish concoction (comprising, among other ingredients, the aforementioned shampoo, English mustard, curry powder, chocolate spread, cooking oil, blue colouring and rice vinegar). Like many speriments, this one will lie there, becoming ever more putrid, until Muggins (as I refer to myself when called upon to tidy up any Pea-related mess) pours it down the sink with a peg on her nose.


Blogger LottieP said...

Requesting photographic proof of the Speriment please...

11:20 PM  
Blogger LottieP said...

...complete with proud Sperimenter

11:20 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

The Sperimenters - for there was more than one - are at their granny's at the moment. I will take a photo when they get back.

5:00 AM  

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